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BETTY Plays LA, CA May 9th – Run, Don’t Walk To See Them!

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May 09, 2011 8:00 PM
Pre-Sale Price: $12.00
Service Charge: $2.50
Then on to Brussels and Paris….

She’s A Mama & We Love Her Mess

Here at Mamapalooza, it’s all love, all the time. So go get ’em Britney! I mean, yes – do we wish the objectification of women wasn’t so prevalent? Yes we do! Do we care if Britney’s ‘Don’t Hold It Against Me’ video does nothing to elevate the status of women – Except to remind us, that we’re all human, and as humans we are all wildly imperfect? (Mothers included). Some people hate the new release, “SOOOOOOO TIRED OF WHAT HOLLYWOOD AND THE MUSIC INDUSTRY SELLS.NOTHING BUT SMUT, UNTALENTED PORN ACTRESSES AND PLAIN BAD MUSIC.

Some love it, “LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Britney is back and better than ever!…Move over Gaga the Queen has returned and is taking back her thrown! Femme Fatale March 29!”

We are remarkably ambivalent, though blinded by the light. We wish everyone the best and it does take a LOT to stay on top. So, respectfully, Brit – Rock On.

Video link is here.