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This Project

I’m getting a better idea of how this project is going to unfold.  I originally posted my paper for Hester Eisenstein’s Sociology of Gender class, GC, CUNY here.

Then I started reflecting on the meaning and purpose (theory and praxis) of DH and realized it would be good to post my project for the digital humanities class here too.

Now, I can see the blog might be a good place to archive progress notes as my “Mapping American Motherhood” project shapes up for the spring DH praxis class. Especially since it helps me visualize a project after I play with it in a public space. That must be the artist in me? Just like theater has staged readings, or a musical production plays a small concert before the big one, I find posting things  helps me process whether I like what I’ve written or not?  Its become part of my process, even if the first posting isn’t “perfect.”

I will post my finished thesis here as it develops.

While I’m at it, relevant stories, books, and speakers on some of the topics I address might be a nice addition too. I’ll add extra resources to the bottom of the “resources” list of of the “Electric Mommyland” page as they come up. Like this article today from Mary Trunk, What Happens to Our Lives After Motherhood? I’m including a trailer for her film which she brought to the Museum of Motherhood’s MOM Conference last year (2014)

Electric Mommyland

A Lil’ Bit About the Digital Humanities.

The Digital Humanities are a new area of theory and praxis within the university. Innovative technologies are advancing academic initiatives in ways that make it possible to more easily disseminate ideas and interact with community. This website is the result of my DH Praxis 2014-15 class and my Sociology of Gender class at The Gradate Center, CUNY. My aim is to facilitate the process by which individuals gain access to information that empowers them, in places that support digitally enhanced programing.  I hope that projects like these encourage a mandate of life-long learning.

Electric Mommyland; “Writing a Sociological History Through Auto-Ethnographical Art and Music Performance Towards a Deeper Understanding of Everything Mom.”



The purpose of my thesis, Electric Mommyland is to write a sociological history through auto-ethnographical art and music performance towards a deeper understanding of everything mom. “Electric Mommyland” represents a period in time well-documented through music, video and photographs, as well as through media interviews, featuring a number of artists who were also mothers.  Just as Dorothy Smith invited women to “grasp their own authority to speak” within a feminist sociology in the 1980s (Pg. 34), we were staking claim to the relatively uninhabited space of mother articulations within an area of the performing arts in the 1990s. The energy of this initiative was a spirited revolution against the tyranny of subsumed identity within the role of the mother/housewife. The movement formed organically as a source of empowerment and connection. But, within a few years an assimilation process began. By 2006 motherhood was being used to sell everything from sex, to diapers, and dishwashers. The “mom rock”/Mamapalooza initiative coincided with an academic feminist mother configuration in Canada, which continues to make headway. Mom rock was ultimately subsumed by a consumer society that translates terms like “action” and “agency” into the economic imperatives within a mainstream ideology. It is within that ideology a new “mommy identity” continues to thrive. By exploring this sociological history I aim to facilitate a better understanding of current evolutions (or de-evolutions) of a modern American mother’s movement as well as create a backdrop for those wishing to do future research on this topic. (Thank you Alice Leon for your song “I’m So Busy” featured here.)


Clean Up Time!


I’ve got new tools. Grad school at CUNY in Manhattan as a Masters Candidate in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies has taught me a thing or two about women’s work. I don’t joke around as much anymore. Instead I get right to work cleaning up the mess. And what a mess we’ve made of our civilization. I hope every woman, mother and feminist (all genders welcome) will join in the call to make our world a cleaner, kinder, more musical place. We’ll be hosting the “Great Green Playdate” at MaMaPalooZa in NYC on May 18th. Bring your good vibes. Costumes welcome! See You Soon – Joy Rose