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Phoebe Snow Dies At 58 – Songstress, Artist, Mother

Phoebe Snow of “Poetry Man” song fame died today at the age of 58 – but oh, ‘Poetry Man’ is not what defined her. She was the mother to a daughter who suffered afixiation at birth, and lived with her until her death.

She was briefly married to Phil Kearns, and, in December 1975, gave birth to a severely brain-injured daughter, Valerie. Snow resolved not to institutionalize her but instead care for her at home, which she did until Valerie died on March 18, 2007 at the age of 31. Snow’s efforts to care for Valerie greatly and negatively affected her professional career, nearly ending it; it also adversely affected her personal life.

She talks about how hard it was to sing after her daughter died. Her friend Linda Ronstadt told her that she had to sing about Valerie. In Phoebe’s performances, she  dedicated a song she originally wrote for her mother, for her daughter.

The lyrics, “Everything good I am you taught me. Everything good I am” illustrate her devotion to her daughter and her music is a testimony to the extraordinary woman she was. May her music and legacy live on. A donation has been made to the Motherhood Museum in honor of Phoebe Snow and her astounding courage as a woman and a mother, by Joy Rose…..


Eileen Carey Rocks California – Everyday!

Eileen Carey

Working as an independent (non-major label) artist, Eileen Carey has learned a great deal about the ins and outs of the music business.

“I have learned to be careful and to choose great partners and assistants,” Carey said. “Like hiring the right publicist, manager, radio promoters, producers and marketing. These are the people who get me the proper exposure for my music.”

Also, choosing the right co-writers for each song is important.

“Each has their own identity so each writer/musician has to connect with that song,” Carey said. “You have to have the right band members to bring your song alive to connect with your audience. There is so much to learn in this business, especially if you are acting as your own record label.”

Most importantly for Carey is continuing to fine tune her craft, while “staying true” to herself.

Carey started performing at the age of 13 in her school choir and theater in Ohio.

“I was lucky enough to have had great music teachers in school,” she said. “I have always looked up to Whitney Houston, Chrissie Hynde (from the Pretenders), and the Beatles, among others. My favorite songwriter is Diane Warren. Each of those artists inspired me with their song writing and performance vocals. I just love their style.”

Carey started to write songs when she moved to Los Angeles.

“I have performed at numerous times at the L.A. County and Del Mar Fair festivals, as well as nightclubs throughout the country,” Carey said.

She has also performed on at fundraisers, wwomen’s radio showcases, and a Mamapalooza Music Showcase in San Diego.

“I love all types of country music,” she said. “Traditional, such as Patsy Cline, and a blend of country pop rock, like, for instance, Keith Urban.”

On Saturday, Carey will make her debut performance at Country at the Merc.

“I will be performing a few songs off of each of my last three albums —- ‘Possibilities,’ ‘Hearts of Time,’ and ‘Movin’ On,'” Carey said. “So the audience will get a chance to hear a variety of my music.”

Carey will be releasing a new CD this year, a follow up to “Movin’ On.”

“I’ll also be having a new dance single coming out in June called ‘Faith’ that will be marketed to country dance saloon clubs around the country, similar to the way my previous single ‘Out With the Girls’ was,” Carey said.

Carey will also be touring throughout the year.

“My dream would be getting my music into TV, film and commercials,” Carey said.

A married woman with two daughters, who are both in college, Carey also dedicates time to various animal rescue organizations and enjoys kickboxing.

“I spend a lot of time in the kickboxing ring,” she said.