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Another One Bites The Dust

The headline in OK Magazine said ‘Ambition Got In Her Way’. Its been 22 years since I had my first kid, and as a rock star diva, I can tell you, we still haven’t learned a gosh darn thing about marriage, children and how to rock motherhood.

I’m quoting from the OK article here: Marc was not happy that Jennifer was focusing so much on her career.

“Marc’s an old-fashioned guy, and that’s part of the reason Jennifer fell in love with him,” the source says. “But for her it was both a blessing and a curse. Jennifer is a career woman, and she got swept up in the romance of having this traditional-style marriage where the husband works and the wife stays home and takes care of the kids.”

For a while, it worked out. After giving birth to her kids in February 2008, Jennifer put her career on the back burner to be a wife and mother. “But, a leopard can’t change her spots, and Jen is a career woman at the core,” says the source.

Oh come on! We stormed the airwaves and tabloids back in 2005 when Mom Rock hits its main-street stride. I remember practically yelling from behind the CNN desk, “Let’s kill off the 50’s housewife once and for all. (My band was named Housewives On Prozac, for gosh sakes – as if that doesn’t say it all). Let’s stop falling in love, getting married, popping out a couple babies and running into the kitchen to strap an apron on and embrace amnesia.” It doesn’t work!

Calling all young empowered Babes. Don’t forget who you are. Get educated about the pitfalls of marriage and children and then, if you choose to go down that road, do it with eyes wide open. If you really want to see what kinds of possibilities await you, visit the Museum Of Motherhood at 401 East 84th St. in Manhattan, opening with a pop-up exhibit on Sept. 1st in New York City – if J Lo had, her family story might have been more inspiration, less train wreck. I should know. I did the same thing. – Joy Rose 

US Magazine Issue #31 August 1, 2011