Jo Wymer Releases New CD This Week!

7 years of writing…1 1/2 years of recording…..countless hours gigging and rehearsing….many band members and lots of fun with a little pain thrown in for good measure and LIVING WITH SCARS is almost here.  (some folks tell me
“Long overdue Jo”…I know but I wanted to make sure it was done

Here is what is happening this week….

Friday night, June 24 we have a acoustic night at the WINE LOFT in Long Branch
from 9pm to 1am….I will be selling “Last Minute” tickets that night
so if you still want them drop by with your $10.00 and you can have

Saturday Night is the BIG NIGHT….doors open at 7:30 with the start
of my good friend Nik Everett doing a 6 song acoustic set to get the
night rollin’….THEN Bullet Bob and the Colts will release their new
CD doing a 10 song set….then John Gilbreath (comedian and one of my
vocal students – as well as a Navy Colleague) will throw a few stories
out their to get your funny bone kickin into high gear.

THEN we will play a high energy ….rockin…set of new material off
the CD …..around 9:15 or so….MORE

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